Why It Is Necessary to Repair Leaking Commercial Roofs?

There are no DIY solutions when it comes to repairing commercial roofs. You should contact roofing contractors Barrie if you want an immediate solution. A commercial roofing company can help you get rid of all the problems that you are experiencing because of leaks in your roof. These issues can arise in a variety of properties. It makes no difference whether you own a warehouse, a commercial showroom, a commercial office space, or another similar type of space. If you have rented the space, it is essential to maintain it for your tenant’s satisfaction as well. Here are some common problems that can arise because of improper management of commercial roofing systems:



Mildew and mold growth

Water can be destructive for any building. It is a stimulant for the growth of mold. Mold can quickly grow in the regions near the water leak and damage the paint and the internal structure. Excessive mold growth can be a problem for the respiratory system as well. Because mold produces spores that can be harmful when inhaled. 

Wood rot

When wood is exposed to water and mold, it quickly degrades and becomes spongy. This type of spongy wood degrades the whole system, destroying the integrity of the roof. When wood rots, it cannot be repaired. You’ll have to replace the whole unit to ensure that the structure is conserved. 

Insulation damage

Insulation is at risk of damage because of the roof leak. Insulation consists of small air pockets that are blocked by leaking water. Quickly the whole insulation system becomes ineffective due to damages in certain areas. This will have an impact on your energy bills because insulation saves energy by reducing the needforheating and cooling utility systems. 

Fire hazards

Water leaking from the roof isn’t a good sign for your electrical wiring system. Current can flow through the water and meet opposite ends. This can start sparks near the water joints and burn the electric wires. In severe cases, roof water leak has been known to put buildings on fire. So, if you notice a roof leak, you should immediately contact the roofing companies Muskoka

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